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☃️ Kids Fun Learning🥳 📯 Online Summer Camp 📲

🎁 Summer Gift to your Kids 🧸 🤳🏻 Make the best use of Screen time

🤡 Cartoons Fun Time                        🎤 Conversations Fun Time
🎬 Short Films                                      💩 Stories Corner
🎭 Rhymes Zone                                  🔠 Vocabulary Zone

🧘🏻‍♀️Mindfulness Bootcamp                       🖼️ Flash Cards
👻Animated Story Books                         📝 Worksheets Corner
🤹🏻‍♀️Daily Challenges & Fun Tasks            📱 Edutainment Apps

🎼 Music & Movement                              🎮 Games
🎨 Coloring Activities                                🔭 Virtual Tours
📚 Story e-Books & Magazines                🎪 Home Fun Activities

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Good Parenting Tips & Other Useful Resources


How can I teach my child when their school is closed?

Keep your child busy and learning in the event that their school closes  by Subscribing to our Online Summer Camp With a range of fun, engaging and challenging activities, children will practise fundamental skills and reinforce concepts they have been learning in school. With activities to encourage children to practice reading and writing, as well as maths activities to practice counting & basic skills along with Science Videos. There are also some fun craft activities included

Do I(Parent) need teaching experience to support my child for Summer Camp?

Little Rose Online Summer Camp is Self Paced & Self Developed Learning. Any adult can deliver the content of this pack to their child without having any teaching experience or subject knowledge, providing that their child is of the appropriate ability. Many of the activities require no input at all from an adult – they simply cover content that your child will already have some understanding of from previous lessons at school.

What are some learning activities for children ?

Our home learning plan is bursting with ideas, games and activities that are sure to keep your little one engaged at home. This home learning plan includes a variety of English, maths, and science-themed activities to try at home with your child, as well as crafts, recipes, and eBooks. It contains Financial Education Series along with Mindful boot camp, a series of inspirational stories & Computer fun

What's included in this resource?

In this home learning plan, parents can find worksheets, puzzles, craft instructions and recipes as well as interactive games, eBooks and videos along with other educational resources

How can this Plan help my child while they're indoors?

If parents use the links on this home learning plan they’ll discover a variety of activities to try with their children at home. The Summer learning pack is bursting with fun learning resources. With free activities, learning materials, and worksheets, you can make sure your child’s education continues despite the school closures.

What is this Home Learning Plan?

With a range of fun, engaging and (at times) challenging activities for each day of the week, children can practise important skills and reinforce their school learning. This home learning plan is full of English, maths and science-themed ideas as well as crafts, recipes and games for you to use with your child while they’re learning at home.

How will this help my child?

Little Rose Online Summer Camp which has a handy pack of learning resources to keep your child busy and learning in the event that their school is closed .

While your little ones are learning at home, the activities in this learning plan can entertain them and keep them having fun while they practise some key skills.

What are some tips for teaching from home?

  • Setting up a structure will help you and your child manage the day.
  • Prepare a space in the home that is perfect for learning!
  • Join the Little Rose Parents community on social media to interact with other parents!
  • Make sure you have the right learning materials – a dictionary, pens, paper – you name it! Remember to take a break and make time for fun family activities too!

Little Rose School introduces Fun Learning Online Summer Camp for all grades which can be accessed with just one click away from your Smart Phones

Summer Camp Dates
📯 May 11 – June 5

Registration Price
1000 Rs/- Per Student
Offer Price 300 Rs per Student

Special Benefits
Register on or before May 9 to avail Complimentary Summer Bridge Course of Worth 500 Rs/-

For more details, please contact
+91 6300802042
+91 91529 52514

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Payment for Online Summer Camp

Little Rose English High School has requested payment of ₹ 300.0 for Little Rose Online Summer Camp

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