Academic Life

We have a dream for the child

At Little Rose School, we strongly believe that the root cause and the solutions to every problem in our world lie within the four walls of a school. Every child in our school has the potential to positively contribute towards building a beautiful world for tomorrow.

How every child is educated in the formative years goes on to define the world’s future. This is a big responsibility for a school. And it requires the school to breathe a radically different culture. Chrysalis Systematic Change Programme is our first step forward in this direction.

How does this impact learning in our school?

  1. An inquiry-based approach supported by pedagogic research from across the world brings in a culture of thinking in the classrooms.
  2. Learning materials are designed to stimulate a child’s mind, encourage the child to think on their own and provides ample spaces for the child to express their thinking freely.
  3. Round-the-year ‘Continuing Professional Development’ enriches and equips the teachers with the knowledge, research, and pedagogy required for them to be facilitators of learning in the classrooms.
  4. The Learning Environment is no just a passive teaching space. But it is an emotionally safe space where every child feels free to think, explore, learn and express.
  5. The assessment in these grades is stress-free, unannounced and are designed to be truly ‘for learning’ and not just ‘of learning”.
  6. The regular reviews and reflection of school processes ensure every child engages joyfully in the process of learning.

We dream of a school where every child grows up to be a self-directed learner, independent thinker and a positive contributor to the world. Together with our teachers and parents, we are co-owning the vision to awaken the extraordinary Human Potential in every child.