Our Mission

Little Rose school founded with the mission of educating young individuals during the time of their mental, physical and emotional growth to become successful, intelligent, learned, healthy, responsible, smart and compassionate citizens;

  • To create a section in the society consisting of achievers;
  • To mentor children in their growing up years to be fully equipped for facing and meeting all competition criterion leading to the premiere corridors of learning;
  • To be precise in imparting the right education in the right way depending upon the age of the child;
  • To take into account the child’s capacity and guiding or mentoring him/her accordingly;
  • To make sure the people dealing with the children are especially trained and focused on treating the child correctly;
  • To keep on priority the infrastructure required for making education most effective.
  • To nurture a cosmopolitan atmosphere by encouraging the appreciation of world culture
  • To nurture the inherent talent of students to enable them to be their best