Who We Are

About Little Rose

The Little Rose School is a pioneer in Value based education. It was founded in 1986 by Dr. B Gopala Krishna Moorthy, renowned as “Commerce King” and achiever of “Indian Education Excellence Award”

Little Rose has achieved the International School Award for its Innovation in Education. Education at Little Rose is a blend of modern educational pedagogy with traditional values imparted in heritage buildings.

It is a co-educational institution established for initiating creativity and originality among children in school by involving teachers, parents, academicians, counselors and professionals for promoting academic excellence.

Our Aim

Our aim has never been narrow to prepare students for college, but rather to provide an experience which goes far beyond college requirements, addressing important personal aspects of growth and maturity. Through the years, the means of achieving our aims have changed, yet the particular balance of tradition and innovation continue to provide exceptional opportunities for deserving students from diverse social, geographic and ethnic backgrounds. Our unflagging commitment to each student’s intellectual, moral and physical growth and to the considerable resources of faculty, facility and locale creates a school which is larger than sum of its parts and works with a notion “No Child Left Behind

Core Beliefs

Little Rose believes in a world where

Concepts wins over Formulas,                                                                    Critic analyzing wins over Rote Learning                                                     Knowledge wins over Marks                                                         Practice wins over Theory.

We create an equal opportunity and supportive environment for learning with personalized education focusing on Research.

We believe in 3 H’s rather than 3 R’s

Head – Technical Education                                                              Hand – Physical Education ,                                                                   Heart– Moral Education

Our motto is “Value based education is Light of Life – No child left behind from their Dreams”

Our Dream

A child in its formative years is like a lump of clay. The LRS education system plays the role of a master sculptor who carves beautiful shapes out of it. LRS focuses on the all-round development of the student with equal importance to Academics & Co-Curricular Activities and set the highest standards of academic achievement, intellectual growth, ethical awareness, behavior and sportsmanship and other good qualities to our students.

“Our school is four walls with tomorrow inside – where children think, dream, believe and achieve”. LRS is for the future of humanity which offers a holistic curriculum by developing all aspects of the growing child’s personality; the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual potential.