Principal’s Message

Principal Message

Schools contain the future not only of the children who are studying there but also the future of the community, the nation and indeed, the future of the world! Viewed from this perspective, the stature of an institution is not necessarily defined by the age, elegance, and expanse of its edifice. It is, in fact, created and sustained by the dedication and hard work of those who occupy its buildings. The Little Rose School is blessed with aesthetically sublime, historical building and people who enrich it with their commitment to excellence and a spirit of service.

Writing to you from this glorious institution, I address you both as a parent and a teacher. The parent in me has always wanted the best for my children and I understand when you desire the same for yours. A child’s mind is a well spring of ideas waiting to be heard and made manifest. Every child that walks through the portals of this school is an inspiration. Their nimble intellects are adaptive, attentive and absorbent. As teachers, ever galvanized by the enthusiasm of the young ones, we strive to match their agility of thought and action. To us, each girl and boy represents a person with immense untapped potential. It is our resolve and duty to guide your wards on their journey of self-discovery and development.

If Failures can achieve what toppers dream of…..?
Why are students with 95% marks made to feel like Failures  ??

Let me however reiterate that an ambience of respect for education can best be created when the joy of molding the child is a collaborative effort between the parent and the school. Education is not a matter of sitting through lectures and memorizing lessons by rote. It is instead an amalgamation of experiences inside the classroom, on the playing field and at home. It will be our Endeavor to provide our students with a wonderful platform to hone their academic abilities, co & extracurricular potential and sporting skills. As teachers, I believe, it is our duty to encourage the natural curiosity inherent in every child. When this curiosity, guided and honed through discipline becomes a habit, life transforms into a journey of discovery. This will be a fruitful exercise only when the parent too spends quality time with the child judiciously acknowledging his/her interests.

Parents are the first Teachers and Teachers are the Second Parents

Technology and the World Wide Web have brought citizens of the world closer than ever before. It is essential that our understanding, empathy and respect extend beyond our immediate neighbors to people all over the world. In an era of technological entrenchment in all spheres and easy access to information, we aim to provide our children with a firm foundation in the subjects they study as well as the value system they adopt. We hope to send into the world confident cosmopolites with a sense of self-worth and responsibility and an ability to face challenges while remaining true to themselves as Global Citizens.

Glimpse of Dr. B Gopala Krishna Moorthy, Chairman of Little Rose School